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2010's bedste film

6. Jan 2011 15:01, Søren Langelund

Årets film: Lettere forsinket følger her traditionen tro 'Årets Film according to Langelund'. Et år, der repræsenterer et marginalt bedre og mere varieret kvalitetsudbud end 2009, og som har det højeste antal af danske film, jeg nogensinde har haft på mine lister.

Alle film er naturligvis udvalgt efter 100% subjektive kriterier, og kun film udsendt i dansk biografdistribution i 2010 kan nævnes (repremierer tæller ikke). I hovedkategorien akkompagneres hver titel som noget nyt af en kort anmeldelse fra min

10) Where the Wild Things Are - Spike Jonze
- "A child's kingdom - rich, adventurous, escapistic".

9) Tommy - Sami Saif
- "Misunderstood and underappreciated pop musician Tommy Seebach died in agony. And way too young. Love or hate the Danish Eurovision Contest legend, Sami Saif's documentary finally provides Seebach with the eulogy fitting for his talent - an excellent and deeply moving portrait balancing the many ups and downs of a life in rock'n'roll with precision and depth".

8) Klovn: The Movie – Mikkel Nørgaard
- "I genuinely haven't laughed this hard - or been this disgusted - since 'Borat'. 90 minutes of 'Noooo, they didn't just do that, did they?!" wrapped up in a nice, almost touching coming of age-story".

7) Mary and Max - Adam Elliot
- "Again Adam Elliot comes off as creative, visionary and bold as Tim Burton once was. Deeply moving and engaging too".

6) The Road - John Hillcoat
- "'The Road' might be less travelled, but it's sure worth the walk. Mortensen gives one of those performances, you just know will stay with you".

5) Somewhere - Sofia Coppola
- "More demanding and austere than 'Lost in Translation' but also - in glimpse - even more satisfying. One tender, time-stopping moment follows another, leaving behind a both bedazzling and soothing feeling. Like great poetry".

4) A Single Man - Tom Ford
- "Fuckin' fabulous in every single way, shot and form. Firth will break your heart - and make you forget all about Mr. Darcy once and for all".

3) How to Train Your Dragon - Chris Sanders og Dean Deblois
- "I. Loved. It. Old-fashioned, sweeping movie magic served with dashing 3D and a truly great score that would make Alan Menken proud. DreamWorks Animation's most successful flick (aside from the Shrek franchise) is also their finest to date and if I had to choose which to watch a second time, I'd pick this witty yet tender adventure ride over Toy Story 3 or Avatar any day. "Everything we know about you guys is wrong" might be a naive metaphor for our fear of strangers, but striking nonetheless".

2) R - Tobias Lindholm og Michael Noer
- "My heart pounded so rapidly I felt like having a heart attack due to one unforgettable, devastating scene following another 'till the inevitable fatalistic end, leaving an impression of the purest, most brutal and essentially dramatic kind. As tough and heart-wrenching as it gets and 'Danish movie of the year' - by far, if not 'movie of the decade' contender".

1) Das Weisse Band - Michael Haneke
- "The most memorable cinema experience of the year. A film packed with so many gems both considering characters, scenes and imagery, that I'm hardly able to fully cope with it. In lack of better words or abilities to describe it, this is a truly haunting movie experience dealing with everything from the origin of terror to the first sparkle of love".

Special mention:
- Runaway - kortfilm af Kanye West.
"I have no idea what half of this meant, but I couldn't take my eyes - or ears - off it for even a split second. Beautiful, haunting, vulnerable and monstrous - and feautering several teasers from his masterful "Twisted Fantasy"-album, Kanye's shortfilm left me with more memorable scenarios and impressions than most cinematic releases of 2010".

Andre nævneværdige film: (I alfabetisk rækkefølge): Armadillo, A Social Network, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Inception, Kick-Ass, The Ghost Writer, The Kids Are All Right, The Town, Toy Story 3, Un Prophète, Up in the Air.

Årets skuffelser: (I alfabetisk rækkefølge): Alice in Wonderland, Green Zone, Kvinden der drømte om en mand, Machete, Salt, Shutter Island, Submarino, The American, Tron: Legacy.


5) Christopher Nolan - Inception
4) Tom Ford - A Single Man
3) Sofia Coppola - Somewhere
2) Michael Haneke - Das Weisse Band
1) Tobias Lindholm og Michael Noer - R


5) Wes Anderson og Noah Baumbach - Fantastic Mr. Fox
4) Michael Haneke - Das Weisse Band
3) Tobias Lindholm og Michael Noer - R
2) Casper Christensen og Frank Hvam - Klovn: The Movie
1) Aaron Sorkin - A Social Network
5) George Clooney - Up in the Air/Fantastic Mr. Fox
4) Jesse Eisenberg - The Social Network
3) Philou Asbæk - R
2) Viggo Mortensen - The Road
1) Colin Firth - A Single Man

5) Chloe Moretz - Kick-Ass
4) Elle Fanning - Somewhere
3) Julianne Moore - The Kids Are All Right / A Single Man
2) Anette Bening - The Kids Are All Right
1) Leonie Benesch - Das Weisse Band
5) George og Charley - A Single Man
4) Frank og Casper - Klovn: The Movie
3) Johnny og Cleo - Somewhere
2) Mary og Max - Mary & Max
1) Hiccup og Toothless - How to Train Your Dragon

5) Tvillingestrippere underholder Johnny - Somewhere.
4) "You have the absolute minimum of my attention" - The Social Network
3) Hiccup flyver! - How To Train Your Dragon
2) George tager sit tøj frem - A Single Man
1) Åbningsscene - Das Weisse Band
Special mention: Arnold, Sly og Willis side om side i få men gyldne minutter - The Expendables

Således min liste for 2010 - glæder mig til at høre jeres bud og kategorier.


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    28-årig redaktør på TV 2 NEWS, cand.mag. i Medievidenskab fra KU og filmanmelder/skribent beretter om alt fra kultur og kærlighed til dumsmarte debatoplæg og bovlamt brok

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